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Jennifer Cooper

Bob - I am one of the Senator's step-daughers and have been trying to find any audio tapes of him posted to the internet. Julianne Hughes (formerly Holm - do you remember her from the senate days?) the Chief's second wife was my mother. My twin sister and I followed his instructions and "donated' all his files and info to the University of Wisconsin @ Eau Claire and we can't seem to get any info back. Just curious if you have ever come across any?


Prayer in public schools are wrong, not wrong


Space Exploration Benefits Our World, costs too much


Buyers of guns must take gun-safety courses


My life's been completely unremarkable recently. I haven't been up to anything. I just don't have much to say. I've just been letting everything pass me by. Shrug. I don't care.

claudia israel

i worked for "The Chief" as we often called him, fall of 1972 - 1975. he was a dear, sweet man. during the time, my marriage was going to hell and gone. someone told (probably miss jo) the senator, who came to my desk one day and said in that beautiful rumble, "How are you?" "Fine, Senator, fine!" "Really?", looking in my eyes. "Yes sir.",lying through my teeth. "Come to my office." i followed him like a lamb, and he gave me excellent advice. nice to thing again about daniel, bonnie and ed, so recently gone. i like to think he, park and the senator are planning a speech and a road trip. i hope your health has improved. i surely did ramble, but it's that kind of weather on the north coast. claudia israel

Bill C

Thanks for sharing your recollections on Senator Hughes, Bob.
I grew up in Iowa in the 60s, and Harold Hughes was our beloved Governor and US Senator.
An excellent public speaker and motivational speaker, Hughes was a rare combination of courage, caring and compassion, political savvy, and spirituality. I'll always admire him, too.
Bill Cullen in Dubuque

Bill C

Hi, Bob,
Could you or anyone reading this site find some film footage of Governor or Senator Harold E. Hughes, and share it on Youtube?
Hughes was a magnificent public speaker, and those of us who remember him, and others too, will appreciate seeing him.
The University of Iowa Library Film Archives Dept has a Meet the Press episode, also featuring Senator George McGovern, from 1972, in archives. It costs ca $120.00 to transfer this to DVD. Could a reader accomplish this, and transfer to Youtube?
Any assistance in putting film on Youtube for everyone to enjoy is appreciated! Best wishes,
Bill Cullen in Dubuque

Nancy Lee

Thanks Bob,
My Dad, Norman Lee, the bandleader, was a friend of 'Pack's' I now work in the AOD field and I'm at a conference he started...small world!
Nancy Lee

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