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"...Bob Kholos is a Consummate Professional..." Tom Brokaw, NBC NEWS(Letter on file)


First Press Secretary to Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley. Communications Advisor in 1969 campaign as well as 1973 campaign. Devised "Alternative New Conference" to unseat incumbent.

Vietnam Veteran, 4th Infantry Division, Central Highlands.
KMPC Radio Newsroom
CNS-Radio News Service
Ran So. Cal office, Cal. Dept of Consumer Affairs, Asst. To The Director, Richard Spohn, as Political Appointee of Gov. Jerry Brown
US Senator Harold E. Hughes (IA)
US Senator Frank Church(ID)
US Senator Alan Cranston(CA)
US Senator George McGovern (CA. Press Secty and DC Press Secretary)
State Senator John Burton (commmunications 1969 and various til 1980s.)
Cong. George E. Brown, Jr. Senate Campaign

I shook the hand of LeRoy Satchel Paige in 1964

Eaten more deli at Canter's resturant than the law should allow.

Depresed that my Hollywood Stars Baseball Team is no longer playing at Gilmore Field.

Spent more time at Farmers Market than Lucille Ball.

Vietnam Vet-4th Inf. Division-Cambodian border/Central Highlands-1966-67

Newsroom: KMPC Radio, Radio News West, ABC Radio Net(LA) (surf reporter with Dj's Gary Owens, Dick Whittinghill,
"Stand-In" for "herb" on Sudio 60 Live from the Sunset Strip, Extra on same show.

First Press Secretary to LA Mayor Tom Bradley, also. Sen. Frank Church(D-ID), Sen. Harold E. Hughes, (D-IA), McGovern for Pres(pushed Watergate as an issue with Telephone News Conference's), Unruh for Gov, George Brown for Senate, Bradley for Mayor, 1969/1973, Jerry Brown for Pres(1980), Sen. Alan Cranston(D-CA) 1969, among others.
Asst. to the Director:CA. Dpt of Consumer Affairs--headed LA office.
Attended UniHi, Graduated from Santa Monica High School, attended Santa Monica City College, Don Martin School of Radio and Television.
Born at Ceders of Lebannon Hospital in West Hollywood the month Winston Churchill appointed Lord Mountbatten the commander of the South East Asian Theater during WWII.
Been Married/Divorced, a few children.
As a pre-teen: watched Lily St. Cyr stip at the Freemont Hotel in Vegas, prior to Joe E. Lewis performing. Also watched Oscar Levant perform Rhapsody in Blue with the Paul Whitting Orch at either the Sands or Desert Inn. Saw Sammy Davis, Jr. sing, dance, do impressions and play every instraument in the Orchestra at the Sands.
My Father was pissed at Frank Sinatra because, "All he did was sing and not say anything" at his various performances at the Sands during the 1950's. Enough for now.


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