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Clark Baker

As one of those kids growing up in the San Fernando Valley, I liked Bradley and joined the LAPD in 1980 to help Bradley change the department. But within two years, I discovered that LA cops weren't the problem - it was Bradley's civilian police commission that required good cops to do bad things to good people. He did this to alienate the LAPD from the communities we served, thereby strengthening his political power. Rodney King occurred a dozen or more times a day in LA from 1983 through 1991, specifically because of his policies. And when the Rodney King defendants were acquitted because they had followed his policies, Bradley told rioters (at 4PM - I watched it on TV) that they not only had "a right to demonstrate, (they) had a right to demonstrate (their)anger."

So after eight years of policies that hurt LA residents, Bradley caused the most destructive riot in American history ($1 billion in property damage, $1 billion in tourism), just to blame someone else.

Yeah, maybe he came in with good intentions. The problem was that as 1990 approached, he became a picture of corruption in LA that has returned LA's politics and the LAPD back to the Shaw Administration of the 1930s. And that's not a legacy to be proud of. Tom Bradley is a sad disappointment to those who believed in him and know what his real record is.

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